K. Smaltz Inc. buys and sells rare coins, precious metals and provides estate liquidations for high-end antiquities, watches, jewelry and art work. K. Smaltz offers personalized customer service to collectors and private individuals who are looking to invest or diversify their coins or estate valuables.

Located in Freeport, New York, K. Smaltz Inc. is the first African American rare coin company in the United States. With 28 years of experience in this niche industry and sales over $10 million dollars, K. Smaltz Inc’s mission is to change the perception of rare coin collecting from being a hobby to becoming a profitable investment option for investors.

  • On the Grio | The new ‘bling’: Rare coins and collectibles
    Remember when Hummers were cool? And lest any of us forget, so were those dollar-sign pendants sparkling with diamonds not too long ago. I have always regretted seeing those trinkets that can only depreciate in value, which people invest hard-earned money into as a reward for their success. Many of us have that quintessential image of young, chart-topping musicians and pro athletes showing off...
  • Investing in Rare Coins: A Beginner’s Guide
    By Ken Smaltz Imagine that you came upon a pouch of coins minted in Damascus during the Roman Empire more than 2,000 years ago. You might hop on the Internet, daydreaming about the fortune to be made off of money so incredibly ancient. Much to your chagrin, the coins prove to be worth a mere $10 a piece. And even more shocking still, you...
  • Keeper Facts
    » Rare coins, if purchased prudently, are a great investment. » Rare coins are small, portable, liquid, private and insurable. » Because of independent grading services, rare coin prices can be checked easily. » Coins can be donated at retail value for tax relief. » Rare coins are one of the best ways to insure wealth protection in today’s uncertain world. » The rare...
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