estate-pic-v4K. Smaltz Inc. provides advisory services and works to liquidate high value items such as art, watches, coins, and special antiquity collections.  They effectively value each item and map out strategies which reach the right buyer and generates the highest yield for ones belongings.

A customized approach specializing in rare coins, precious metals, high-end watches, art and antiquities.






Collection Evaluation

Evaluations provide guidance and allow proper decisions to be made when dispersing collections or estate valuables. With over 28 years of experience K. Smaltz Inc. provides expert evaluations on rare coins, precious metals, high-end watches, art and antiquity collections.

Professional Appraisal

Knowing value and what the market will offer for heirlooms or estate items is crucial in creating selling strategies, pairing with buyer or insuring valuables. K. Smaltz Inc. has the evaluation knowledge and market sources to provide accurate appraisal value.

Collection Advisory

Knowledge of the market when buying rare coins, acquiring fine art or refining a collection is essential for selling or purchasing decisions or when insuring the value of items.  K. Smaltz Inc. provides advice on value and with their vast resources can verify authentic quality before purchase or selling.

Buyers & Sellers

Estate items and collections no matter how old, treasured, or important to the owner, are only as valuable as the market or buyer is willing to pay.  K. Smaltz Inc. has the network to source, filter and expedite the buying and selling of items.  Our customized approach assists in setting accurate values, negotiating price and facilitating all transfer of goods.