The Conversation

With years of success in the rare coins and precious metals arena Ken Smaltz brings a range of expertise, business direction and professional life insights he is able to share.   His story and the astute conversation is filled with dynamic information that impacts businessman, seasoned investor and student.

In addition to his real-life rag to riches story, Smaltz offers a wealth of knowledge and topics in the field of rare coins, their investment potential, and advice on how to be diligent in the market place, achieve success and build a fortune.

Speaking Topics:

  • How Rare Coins and Precious Metals Work as an Investment
  • Understanding Estate Treasures and How to Liquidate Them
  • Coins, Art, and Watches as Investments
  • Rags to Riches – A Build and Rebuild Story
  • Philanthropy From The Heart


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On the Grio | The new ‘bling’: Rare coins and collectibles
Remember when Hummers were cool? And lest any of us forget, so were those dollar-sign pendants sparkling with diamonds not too long ago. I have always regretted seeing those trinkets that can only depreciate in value, which people invest hard-earned money into as a reward for their success. Many of us have that quintessential image of young, chart-topping musicians and pro athletes showing off with expensive cars and flashy jewelry to up their cool factor. People have playfully called it “bling.” But the sad reality is this type of bling often becomes worth much less than what was paid for it, and that is most certainly not cool. Bling that retains its value Just as I cringe from watching past icons make spending habits that once seemed like a good idea, I also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that nowadays, making smarter investments is officially the new cool. There are signs on every corner that people are looking for more intelligent ways to invest their money, and not just in the places you’d expect such as 401(k)s. The savviest realize the power of investment, and are learning that rare coins, fine art and wine, instead of wasting money on traditional “bling,” provide a way to enjoy a luxurious life with beautiful objects and collectibles that accrue in value. Comparing coins with “bling” Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate my fair share of life perks. Anyone who...
01 Jul 2014
Investing in Rare Coins: A Beginner’s Guide
By Ken Smaltz Imagine that you came upon a pouch of coins minted in Damascus during the Roman Empire more than 2,000 years ago. You might hop on the Internet, daydreaming about the fortune to be made off of money so incredibly ancient. Much to your chagrin, the coins prove to be worth a mere $10 a piece. And even more shocking still, you read about a $20 St. Gaudens coin produced as recently as 1933 that sold for $7.6 million in 2002. This hypothetical story represents a predicament many new coin collectors and investors discover. Age alone does not make a coin valuable. Rather, rarity coupled with interest and condition of a coin may offer a larger determining factor in its marketability. For any newbie to the coin world, the key lies in understanding the basics. There are two different types of people who amass coins: collectors and investors. Collectors do it for the love of the coins themselves. Collectors might be interested in the historical importance of a coin or the fact that they can complete a historically significant series. For instance, a collector’s goal might be to assemble a series of Civil War coins. The investors, on the other hand, collect to make money. They tend to be interested in rarity and appreciation. Like investing in stocks or real estate, investing in coins comes with a lot of jargon. For example,...
24 Jul 2013
Keeper Facts
» Rare coins, if purchased prudently, are a great investment. » Rare coins are small, portable, liquid, private and insurable. » Because of independent grading services, rare coin prices can be checked easily. » Coins can be donated at retail value for tax relief. » Rare coins are one of the best ways to insure wealth protection in today’s uncertain world. » The rare coin market is the most thinly traded of all financial markets....
16 Jul 2013
Rethinking Your Investment Portfolio, Thanks to Bernie Madoff
By Ken Smaltz   Given today’s economic climate, all investors from the novice to the expert are rethinking and retooling their investment portfolios. Especially in today’s tough economic times, balancing the breadth of your investments to include valuable coins is an extremely prudent idea. In comparing coins to other investments, the corporeal nature of coins is appealing to many investors. The people who invested with Madoff only had account numbers to point to. They didn’t know if Madoff bought what he said he did or sold what he said he did. That’s the difference with coins. Coins are tangible assets. You hold them in your possession so you know they’re real and you know their value. If you buy a coin from me, I deliver it to you. You hold on to it; you own it. Note that rare coins also are very liquid and can be sold back to the dealer over the phone sight unseen if in a certified PCGS or NGC (Private third party grading services). Gold or silver (bullion) can be sold over the phone sight unseen also. Another advantage of coins as investment is the fact that coins are the only form of investment that are mostly free of government regulation. If an investor buys a coin from a dealer, the purchaser is, at present, not required by law to report the transaction. Investors who are worried about...
22 Jul 2009
Rare Coins – the Next Bling
Garden City, New York – April 5, 2005 — Young Hollywood, chart-topping music artists and professional athletes, who now show off with expensive cars, lavish homes, and flashy jewelry, might want to take a look into investing into rare coins as their next source of bling. With a 20 percent increase in growth over the past two years, the rare coin market is an up-and-coming investment option for the young financial elite looking for a new, hip alternative to stocks and bonds. “There really is a “cool” factor to investing in rare coins.” says Ken Smaltz, owner of K. Smaltz, Inc. one of the top coin dealers and first African American-owned dealer in the United States. The rare coin market is the most thinly traded of all financial markets. One can conceivably become a market maker with around a million-dollar investment. With a fluctuating economy and the devaluation of the U.S. dollar, rare-coin investing is one of the best ways to ensure wealth protection during monetary, economic and social crisis. Since 1999, the U.S. Mint reports that over 136 million Americans are now collecting coins. Smaltz is hoping celebrity coin collectors like actor James Earl Jones, comedian Bill Cosby, hockey icon Wayne Gretzky, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss and film director Penny Marshall, catch the attention of the bling audience to kick this investment trend into high gear. “Bling doesn’t have to mean...
05 Apr 2005